Kevin Dong

Software Developer

About Me

Hi there, I'm Kevin. I am currently studying computer science at Purdue University. I intend to pursue the Software Engineering track and the Databases track. My primary interest is in software engineering. A secondary topic that fascinates me is data analytics.

I have accepted a software engineering internship at Capital One in McLean, Virginia (suburban Washington DC) for Summer 2018.

Work Experience

Clarity Partners

Associate Software Engineer Intern—Chicago, IL

  • Developer on the Chicago Police Department team using C# with ASP.NET MVC and Oracle SQL during Summer 2017.
  • Rewrote multiple data warehouses search applications (originally in Visual Basic) using ASP.NET MVC.
  • Analyzed, architectured, and rewrote web application (originally in Perl) for police lineups. Police lineups are a series of mugshots shown to a victim/witness of a crime wherein the victim/witness will point out a suspect. This process, if conducted fairly, is admissible evidence in court. Work includes database layer, web UI, everything in between, and a robust audit log system.

Krannert Computing Center

Student Developer—West Lafayette, IN

  • Full stack developer on ASP.NET MVC web applications used University-wide. Full time during Summer 2016, part time during academic year 2016-17.
  • Automated tedious and error-prone processes to achieve time savings of >90%.
  • Implemented scheduling appointment capability in a calendar utility used University-wide.


Citybus Tracker

A bus tracking application written in pure HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The main feature is that multiple bus stops/routes can be coagulated into one arrivals board, thus enabling the end user to pick the stop/route combo that’s most convenient to them at a particular point in time.

MarketWatch API

An unofficial Python wrapper for programmatically interacting with the stock trading game hosted on MarketWatch. Analyzed and reverse engineered the MarketWatch website to create a lean, robust, and well-documented wrapper.


QuackCryption is a novel approach to data structures, app development, and encryption. QuackCryption encrypts any given file or string into a series of 'quackquack's (with varying capitalization in each letter). It's unquackable!

Portfolio Tracker

A serverless web app that will eventually show near-realtime updates of your portfolio's value with an aesthetically pleasing graph. Coded using JavaScript.






SQL (Microsoft and Oracle)




Web Development (HTML, CSS, & JavaScript)


If you have any questions or inquiries for me, please feel free to contact me at [email protected].