A website for the various QuackCryption projects made during Spartahack 2016. QuackCryption is a novel approach to data structures, app development, and encryption by four, 2nd-semester Purdue University computer science majors. In essence, either text or a file is inputted (along with maybe a passphrase of the user's choosing), the text is encrypted using 128-bit AES (in CBC mode), and then that text is then converted into 'Quack' code. The data encrypted can be decrypted back to its original form, bit-for-bit. The software is open source.

I (Kevin) overhauled QuackCryption to make it cleaner in v1.1.0. It is now a easily importable library to be used in any Java project. The most significant change is that the 6 components of v1.0.0 now exist in just one file. Strings are backward compatible. Files are not.

QuackCryption v1.2.0 dramatically improves file quackcryption/dequackcryption. v1.2.0 maintains full backwards compatibility with v1.1.0. The changes made are purely internal.


The original (v1.0.0) components made are as follows:

Example (v1.0.0)

This photo is equivalent to this 'Quack' file.

Example (v1.1.0 & v1.2.0)

That same photo is equivalent to this 'Quack' file.

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Unless otherwise stated, all rights reserved. Libraries with version >=1.1.0 are licensed under the MIT License.